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Do you finally want to apply the knowledge gained from your studies or training in practice? For example, do you want to help make food safer, fight disease or protect the environment?

These are exactly our goals! For this we need your know-how and your personality. In return, we offer you exciting tasks, our own projects as well as cooperation with experts and long-term future prospects. In addition to work, your satisfaction is also important to us. To this end, we develop offers, for example with our programs for retirement provision and occupational health management. In addition, the continuing education offers from our Analytik Jena Academy support you in further developing your potential. Therefore, the place where you board is far from the final stop!

What our employees say

"Get started right away and help shape it"

"At Analytik Jena, you can get started right away and help shape things. I get enough decision-making power for mytasks in the future-oriented topic of digitization and know that my input will be received and appreciated."

Nadine Taubert, Product Manager

"The opportunity to learn and grow professionally"

At Analytik Jena, l have the opportunity to learn and grow professionally.l am confronted with tasks in which ldetermine the exact procedure myself.The team is also motivated and very mixed: physicists, chemists, computerscientists - you get a lot from every area and don't do the same thing every day.

lrina Vidis, Software Developer

"convinced by the interview as a graduate"

"As a graduate,Analytik Jena already convinced me during the interview: My current manager was able to quicklyinspire me to enter process controlling, and we quickly found a pleasant level personally."

Christopher Kiel,Process Controller

We want to get to know you! Have we aroused your interest? Then convince us! We look forward to seeing you.