"The innuPREP AniPath Kit can be applied to almost all forensically relevant trace carriers with great success without great effort."

Dr. Jan-Hendrik Modrow, Head of Forensic Animal Genetics at ForGen, Hamburg


  • DNA extraction from different trace carriers
  • Often the smallest amounts of DNA have to be isolated


  • innuPREP AniPath DNA/RNA Kit


  • Universal kit for various starting materials
  • Simultaneous processing of various types of traces
  • Only one kit for almost all imaginable trace carriers
  • High specificity of the kit
  • Reliable results

Top-class veterinary diagnostics

ForGen relies on the innuPREP AniPath DNA/RNA Kit
The top forensic laboratory ForGen in Hamburg uses the universal innuPREP AniPath Kit for the extraction of the smallest DNA traces. The daily extraction workflow has been significantly improved.

About the cooperation with ForGen

In almost all investigations, ForGen relies on extracting the smallest traces of DNA from a wide variety of sample materials (trace carriers). The laboratory relies on the innuPREP AniPath DNA/RNA Kit from Analytik Jena. "The innuPREP AniPath Kit can be applied to almost all forensically relevant trace carriers with great success without great effort," says Dr. JanHendrik Modrow, Head of Forensics at ForGen. As an expert in forensic animal genetic issues, he is very familiar with the kit and its advantages for the extraction workflow. The Hamburg forensic specialists use the innuPREP AniPath Kit to isolate and purify minimal traces of DNA – for example from hair, feathers or feces – using KingFisher FLEX (Thermo Fisher Scientific). "We use the kit as a universal kit to extract DNA from almost every conceivable potential trace carrier," Modrow continues. Thanks to the innuPREP AniPath kits and the extraction expertise of Analytik Jena, ForGen was able to make its workflow much more efficient. "For ForGen, this means considerable time savings," explains Dr. Modrow, "as several track types can be processed simultaneously, and an additional financial advantage, as only one kit has to be kept available."

"With many, very difficult starting materials, we were able to achieve very good results here."

Dr. Jan-Hendrik Modrow, ForGen, Hamburg

Decision-making facts

Extraction expertise Analytik Jenas Uncomplicated, competent service &support Efficient methodology of the innuPREP AniPath kits Considerable time and cost savings through innuPREP AniPath kits Result quality of the kits

Challenges for the ForGen team

The Hamburg laboratory often extracts nucleic acids from so-called minimal traces - sample materials that contain only very small traces of DNA and from which this DNA is correspondingly difficult to extract. Starting materials can be feces, hair, feathers, oral mucosa swabs, blood or tissue. For The extraction of DNA, ForGen uses a KingFisher FLEX (Thermo Fisher Scientific) device. Extraction kits must therefore be optimized for this extraction platform

A competent contact person

What the ForGen team particularly appreciates about Analytik Jena is the competence and fast, uncomplicated assistance. Dr. Modrow says: "At Analytik Jena you always have a competent contact person, who in turn can fall back on other experts in the company if special adjustments and the like are necessary. You always feel taken seriously and receive help quickly and competently." The support and coordination of the kits on third-party devices by the Analytik Jena Service Team also had a positive impact on the decision. The innuPREP AniPath kits used convinced ForGen with their efficient, goal-oriented methodology, their universality and the quality of the results. "With many very difficult starting materials, we were able to achieve very good results here," says Dr. Modrow, explaining the advantages for the laboratory. The innuPREP AniPath DNA/RNA Kit - KFFLX is adapted to the King Fisher method and works with almost all sample materials that ForGen processes.

innuPREP AniPath DNA/RNA Kit – IPC16

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innuPREP AniPath DNA/RNA Kit – KFFLX

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About ForGen

ForGen (Forensic Genetics and Forensic Medicine at the Institute for Hematopathology Hamburg GmbH) is a top German laboratory for forensics - founded by leading experts from forensic medicine. The laboratory offers state-of-the-art molecular genetic methods for ancestry analyses and trace investigations with subsequent biostatistical evaluations. ForGen's expertise is particularly appreciated by authorities, courts, insurance companies and animal breeders.


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